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Entry #10


2013-05-27 19:58:58 by ZoroarkChronicles

So, lets get started here, shall we?

I've been gone from the site for some time. I haven't watched videos, posted art, played games. Nothing. I have been active elsewhere in the gaming world though. I have been playing NBA 2K13, Minecraft, Terraria, Borderlands 2, and all sorts of crap :3.

I have been making some MINECRAFT skins and posted them on Planet Minecraft. If I can upload preview pictures of them here as art., I will. But for now, VISIT MY MAGICAL PAGE!

Moving on to SPORTS! Yes, SPORTS. Mostly, BASKETBALL. Namely, the NBA. Where? 'MURICA! Yes, I watch the NBA. Yes I am a PROUD fan of theNEW YORK KNICKS. Yes, I know they were kicked out of the Playoffs. But who cares? I still have the Pacers to cheer for to kick the Miami Heat's asses. I still have the Spurs to watch sweep the Grizzlies today. So all is good.


YouTube has kept me active too. I've been watching many different Youtubers lately, inluding Sips, OfficialNerdCubed, TheFineBros, inthelittlewood, freddiew, Sjin, and more.

I still don't know if I'll be active on this site after I post this. I might be gone for awhile again. I'm started to go on DeviantArtmore often after becoming inactive there too. So you could probably see me there.

So here's a three of the most recent skins I just made.



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2013-05-28 17:50:07

SO YUR ALIVE! Dammet, then I wasn't right.


2015-04-25 15:40:01